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Personal Training: Services



Free Consultation

Virtual Training

Meet with a coach virtually! Your coach will guide and motivate you through each workout, providing modifications and ensuring exercises are performed correctly. Each session is personalized to you and your goals.


  • Google Meets Session

  • Access to Google doc with personalized training program

  • Instant exercise modifications and motivation

  • 30 - 60 minute sessions available

  • 24 hour cancelation required


Nutrition Coaching

Proper nutrition fuels our body to perform at its highest level. Working with a nutrition coach will help you to identify your barriers, strategize best practices, and develop an action plan to help you stay in control and feel empowered! 


  • Food journal tracking and assessment

  • Learn simple meal prep strategies

  • Access to healthy recipes

  • Understand calorie goals and nutritional needs


Monthly Programming

Personalized monthly training program based on your needs and goals. Accountability with weekly check-ins and easy add ons to enhance your workout experience.


  • Personalized workout plan based on assessment

  • Accountability via weekly calls, emails and text messaging with Callie

  • Access to optional add-ons to upgrade your training program

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