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is a virtual personal trainer focused on teaching others about the importance of quality movement and holistic nutrition. Her virtual platform allows you to have an experienced coach by your side every step of the way! Callie specializes in assisting corporate professionals with creating balance in their daily lives through simple strategies and breaking down barriers, while personalizing every program to their goals and lifestyle demands.


Virtual Training

Meet with a coach virtually! Your coach will guide and motivate you through each workout, providing modifications and ensuring exercises are performed correctly. Each session is personalized to you and your goals.


Nutrition Coaching

Proper nutrition fuels our body to perform at its highest level. Working with a nutrition coach will help you to identify your barriers, strategize best practices, and develop an action plan to help you stay in control and feel empowered! 


Monthly Programming

Personalized monthly training program based on your needs and goals. Accountability with weekly check-ins and easy add ons to enhance your workout experience.

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work hard, play hard

For the past five months, I've had twice-weekly personal training sessions with Callie, focusing on strength, balance and flexibility. During that time, my blood pressure, cholesterol, and BMI have gone down significantly, and I've lost 25 pounds. Callie tailors each session to my personal goals with a variety of exercises, making each session unique.

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