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Creating balance one small step at a time.

A health and wellness coach guiding you on your path to the healthiest version of yourself.

Good health starts

from within.

Accredited Professional

M.S. Exercise and Nutrition Science

B.S. Exercise Science

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

NASM Certified Nutrition Coach

Science-Backed Strategies

Over 10 years experience in the health and wellness industry, ranging from cardiac and inpatient rehab to corporate wellness and lifestyle management. 

Personalized Holistic Approach

Health and wellness is not a one size fits all process, and neither should your approach. It is a journey, unique to you and should become a lifestyle you enjoy living. 


Nutrition Coaching


Virtual 1:1 Training


Monthly Training Programs


Lifestyle Management


"Callie is very observant: knows when to push me, knows when I'm overdoing it. She constantly works around my limitations while addressing weaknesses I didn't know I had. Each work out is unique and I am feeling stronger with every session!"


"Callie is patient, kind, and a great motivator. I have had a few injuries over the years and I appreciate how Callie approaches every situation. She takes her time to think about a cause and offers stretches or at home exercise for me to complete. After training with her, I am more comfortable and confident with exercising."


"For the past five months, I've had twice-weekly personal training sessions with Callie, focusing on strength, balance and flexibility. During that time, my blood pressure, cholesterol, and BMI have gone down significantly, and I've lost 25 pounds. Callie tailors each session to my personal goals with a variety of exercises, making each session unique."

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