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Total Body Strength Circuit

Circuit 1:

Walking Lunges - 30s

Burpee - 30s

Push Up - 30s

Squat - 30s


Circuit 2:

Squat to Bicep Curl - 30s

Bent Over Row - 30s

Squat Hop to Clean - 30s

Reverse Fly - 30s


Circuit 3: 1 Minute Coaches Call

Squat Hold

Go - Burpee

Circuit 4:

Lunge to Overhead Press - 30s

Wide Overhead Raise - 30s

Mountain Climbers - 30s

Push Up - 30s


Circuit 5: 2x :40s on/ :10s off

Lateral Shuffle

High Knees

Squat Jump

Butt Kickers

Circuit 6: Tabata - 4x :20s on/ :10s off

Power Plank

Scissor Kicks

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