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Total Body Circuit Training

Circuit 1: 4 min constant work

Single Arm Reverse Fly R/L - 30s

Lateral Lunge with Overhead Arm Circle - 30s

Row to Back Extension - 30s


Circuit 2: 4 min constant work

Sit to Stand R/L - 30s

Bent Over Row Pulses - 30s

Kneeling to Squat - 30s


Circuit 3: 2 min Ladder - increase reps each time (goal 10 reps)

Push Ups

Circuit 4: Tabata - 4 x :20s on/ :10s active recovery


High Knees

Quick Feet In & Out


Squat Hold

Circuit 5: Ladder - increase reps each time (goal 8 reps)


Circuit 6: 4 x :30s on/ :15s off

Single Leg Glute Bridge R/L

Mountain Climber

Plank Arm Press

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