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The Trainer Diet

Balancing your meal plan

As a trainer, I always have clients asking me what I eat on a daily basis or how I am able to eat so healthy all the times. Well, the truth is…I don’t eat healthy ALL the time. I fuel my body to perform how I need it to while finding ways to enjoy my life.

Before starting your new diet or driving yourself crazy about your nutrition habits, first ask yourself "what does healthy mean to me?"

Healthy to me means finding balance in my life. I do my best to eat healthy 80% of the time. Not only Monday – Friday then go crazy on the weekends, but 80% of every day. The other 20% allows me to enjoy my life, keeps me on track with my nutrition plan, and gives me the freedom to make choices that I am proud of.

If you can't tell by the picture above, I LOVE desserts! I always need something sweet before going to bed, and instead of fighting with myself on a daily basis or thinking I am doing something wrong for eating chocolate or ice cream - I treat myself! We have this one life and one body, we should find ways to fuel our body for performance and feed our soul - BALANCE!

My “Trainer” Diet:


coffee with creamer

go-to peanut butter banana oatmeal bowl


breakfast tacos with fruit


a protein packed salad with fruit


turkey burger and zucchini fries with a piece of fruit


greek yogurt – siggi’s is my favorite!


pistachios and dried apricots or mango


stir-fry with veggies and protein


pasta with veggies and protein


a scoop of ice cream


a couple TJ’s peanut butter cups

Plus I drink water all throughout the day!

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