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Set Yourself Up for Success

Grocery shopping and meal prep strategies


Before heading off to the grocery store, remember to start smart! Taking the time to think about what meals you would like during the week and formulating a shopping list is key. PRO TIP: aim to plan for 4 days of meals - you never know what life may throw at you!

When navigating through the store focus on shopping the perimeter. Building your meals and snacks from items found around the perimeter allows you to focus on high quality nutrients like fresh produce, meats, and dairy. If you are in a time crunch, make it easy on yourself and select pre-cut or pre-portioned fruits and veggies: apple slices, carrot and celery sticks, zucchini noodles. Other healthy pre-portioned snack ideas include: nuts, wasabi peas, packets of nut butter, trail mix, low-fat or greek yogurt cups.


  • Grocery list - prioritize the first four days of your week

  • Shop the perimeter - healthier options can also be found on the highest and lowest shelf

  • Look for pre-portioned, pre-washed, or pre-cut options if needed


Prepping takes time, I like to dedicate one day a week to prep. I put on my newest playlist then get to work setting myself up for success for the following week! Next time you meal prep, try it while listening to music or while watching your favorite Netflix show. Meal prepping is also an opportunity to get the whole family involved - someone chops while someone else works on storing. Taking the time to prep during the weekend or your day off will help save time during the week - you're 45 minute meal could be cut in half!


  • Store meals and snacks in portioned containers and bags

  • Create grab - N - go snack options for easy access

  • Pre-chop fruits/ veggies and pair like items (temperature, textures)

And as always try to find balance with each meal!

Callie Approved Meal Ideas:


  • Taco bowl with grilled chicken, black beans, guacamole, corn or bell peppers, and salsa

  • Whole wheat pasta or veggie noodles with ground turkey, marinara sauce and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese

  • Baked salmon and asparagus with roasted potatoes and a side salad with a vinaigrette based dressing

  • 1/2 of a turkey or tuna sandwich on whole wheat bread with spinach, avocado, tomato and a side of fruit


  • Apple with a handful of almonds

  • Jerky with dried fruit

  • Homemade trail mix

  • Carrots or bell pepper with hummus and a cheese stick

  • Apple, banana, or celery with peanut butter

  • RXbar, Lara, Oatmega Bar

  • Greek yogurt with fruit

  • Hard boil get with pistachios

  • Edamame and clementine

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