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Recovery Core

Circuit 1:

Crunch - 30s

Heel Pulse - 30s

Reverse Crunch - 30s

Leg Extension Circuits - 30s


Circuit 2:

Toe Touches - 30s

1/2 Windmill - 30s

Plank - 30s

Plank Leg Lift - 30s


Circuit 3: Tabata: 4x :20s on/ :10s off

Lateral Squat to Halo

RDL + Alternating Row

Circuit 4: Tabata: 4x :20s on/ :10s off

Side Crunch - Tempo

Spiderman Plank - Tempo

Circuit 5:

Glute Bridge Full Rep

Glute Bridge Marching

Glute Bridge Pulse

Glute Bridge Marching


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