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Core Training

Circuit 1: Tabata - 4 x :20s on/ 10s off

Heel Taps


Glute Bridge Walks

Crunch to Oblique Twist

Circuit 2: 2 minutes constant work

Plank Arm Walks - 30s

Plank Knee Drops - 30s

Hollow Extension with Alternating Knee Drive - 30s

2 Pulse Crunch to Slow Hollow Extension - 30s

Circuit 3: 5 minutes constant work

Leg Side Extension - 30s

Leg Knee Drive - 30s

Leg Drop - 30s

Leg Circles - 30s

Repeat, Other Side

Leg Knee Drive R/L - 30s ea

Circuit 4: Tabata - 4 x :20s on/ 10s active recovery


Squat to Side Leg Kick

Double Pulse Squat to Side Leg Kick


Straight Leg Walk with Side Leg Kick

Circuit 5: Tabata - 4 x :20s on/ 10s off

Rolling Plank

Walking Burpee

Circuit 6: 2 minutes constant work

Alternating Single Leg Glute Bridge - 30s

Windmill - 30s