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Core Power

Circuit 1: 2 sets x 30s each

Isolated Cross Crawl - Center

Cross Crawl - Tempo

3 Pulse Crunch

Glute Bridge

Circuit 2: 2 sets x 30s each

Power Plank - Tricep

Bird Dog

Plank Hold

Circuit 3: Tabata: 4x :20s on/ :10s off

V-up + Tuck Up

Walking Hallow Hold

Circuit 4: Tabata: 4x :20s on/ :10s off

C-crunch + 2 Pulse

Single Leg Glute Bridge

Circuit 5: 2 sets x 30s each

Mountain Climbers

Oblique Leg Extensions

Oblique Scissor Kick + Knee Tuck

Circuit 6: 1 minute

Plank Hold

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