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Core Control

Circuit 1:

Double Leg Lift

2 Pulse Crunch

Glute Bridge

Circuit 2:

Front - Back Hover - 2 count

Single Leg Lift - Plank

Scissor Kicks


Circuit 3:

Rainbow Chops

3:1 Chops

Power Chops

🔁Other Side

Squat Overhead Press

Circuit 4:

Glute Bridge Pulse

Single Leg Glute Bridge Circles

🔁Other Side

Glute Bridge Pulse

Standing Leg Semi-Circles R/L

Squat to Alternating Kick-back

Circuit 5:

Side Plank Rotation

Side Plank - 4 Hip Lifts to 1 Rotation

Cross Crawl 2:2

Cross Crawl 3:2 Pulse

Circuit 6:

Hip Hinge + Press

Back Extension Hold with Arm Press

Slow Leg Extension with Flutter Kick