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30 Day Squat Challenge

"A body in motion tends to stay in motion." - Isaac Newton

Choose to take control over your health by committing to a 30 Day Squat Challenge. This is an opportunity to strengthen your "power house" muscles (glutes, quads, and hamstrings), improve your range of motion, and/or find bursts of movement to keep you energized throughout the day!

- Don't have time to complete 30 reps at once? No problem - 10 reps in the morning, 10 reps after lunch, and 10 reps before dinner - DONE!

- Want to check your form before you getting started? Check out the video below for your perfect squat set up!

- Need a buddy or motivation along the way? I've got you covered! I will be coming at you LIVE every day at 2pm to

complete the designated number of reps,

stay tuned - @callie_anne_nobles

- Prizes available for active participants!

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