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Personal Training: Services

Digital Coaching


Digital Coaching is an app based platform that allows you to receive full workout programs delivered straight to your phone - take your personal trainer with you everywhere you go!  


Your FitPlaybook program will be designed specifically for you and your goals. Each workout will have video demos for form correction and modifications, along with in-app messaging for coach motivation and accountability!

Start crushing your fitness goals by burning calories, boosting your metabolism and improving your overall health!


Virtual Classes


Want positive reinforcement? Someone to help hold you accountable? Join our Group-Exercise community today! 

Weekly Class Schedule

Mondays & Fridays - 12:15pm - 1:05pm  


Wednesdays - 12:15pm - 12:45pm  


Saturdays - 10:30am - 11am  


Please note, all sales are final.


Virtual Training


Meet with a coach virtually!

Virtual Training provides you with a personal training experience while  working out at home! Your coach will guide and motivate you through each workout, providing modifications and ensuring exercises are performed correctly. Each session is completely personalized to you and your goals, allowing for monitored progress.

*30 - 60 minute training sessions available


Do you struggle with meal prepping?

Or find yourself looking for a new fix all diet?

If so, look no further! Nutrition coaching allows you to develop a positive relationship with food and feel in control. Proper nutrition  fuels our body to perform at its highest level, but that doesn't mean we need to punish ourselves or hold ourselves back from enjoying life. Remember - life is all about BALANCE! 

Working with a nutrition coach will allow you to identify your barriers, strategize best practices, and develop an action plan to help you stay in control and feel empowered!

Nutrition Coaching


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